GV017 - General Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct word for the blanks in the sentences !

  1. Can you tell me the to the bus station ?
  2. It's not to walk home in the dark.
  3. people know the answer to that question.
  4. What's the difference football and rugby ?
  5. Tim was too to ask Monica for a dance.
  6. Everyone wanted to go out John.
  7. Eat up everything! I don't want to see anything on your plate.
  8. I really hope we can find a to this problem.
  9. It is the law to watch such films if you are under 18.
  10. Rebecca had to the invitation because she was preparing for an exam.


  1. Police that a terrorist group is responsible for the killings.
  2. The wonderful smell of freshly coffee hit us when we went into the store.
  3. Mike's dad wouldn't him go to school with red hair.
  4. These shoes are very for walking in the mountains.
  5. We were surprised that over 500 people for the job.
  6. He kept running fast, none of the runners could catch up with him.
  7. This game is to be for five-year olds.
  8. When Jackie to do something , you can be sure she'll get it done.
  9. we get to the top of the hill the path becomes much easier.
  10. I have drunk milk every day of my life.