GV022 - General Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences below using the words and phrases from the box. There are TWO words you will not need.

absolute - access - account - according - crime - economic - economy - gymnasium - legal - lecture - memorable - pleasure - proclaim - resolution - role - weird - witness

  1. His on world hunger was very informative.
  2. The most important for the new year is to stop smoking.
  3. My friend's dad is a bit
  4. I often go to the to improve my health.
  5. The boy smiled with when he received the prize.
  6. Africa has many problems, especially ones.
  7. After I had paid for my new car, my bank was nearly empty
  8. My presentation was an disaster ! It was terrible.
  9. My at work is to check out the products.
  10. The police arrived quickly at the scene of the .
  11. It was not for him to drive until he was 18.
  12. It was a party that people talked about years later.
  13. The general was about to that the war was over.
  14. The woman was the only of the horrible incident.
  15. The manager was the only one who had to the bank vault.