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Fun at Danish schools

In Denmark, some pupils stay at school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In the afternoon they usually part in activities from roller-skating to watching films. It's a system that working parents and their children use and appreciate. Parents who work long hours know that professionals are care of their children. Meanwhile, the children friends with other students and enjoy various types of activities. The older pupils an eye on the younger ones and the younger kids learn from the older children's experience.

After-school clubs, which are separate from the main school building, are not homework clubs. Nobody is there to an exam or up with their homework. The idea is that children up new interests and activities that are not on the school's timetable. The atmosphere is relaxed and pupils only do their homework if they want to.

The number of schools offering these clubs on growing. According to Danish professionals, after-school clubs don't pressure on the pupils to study. They offer choice and the freedom to do what they want in their spare time.