GV032 - Education and School

Gap-fill exercise


Choose the correct word or phrase for each gap !

  1. I how difficult the maths test will be tomorrow.
  2. It's almost the end of the summer , so we'll be on holiday soon.
  3. Could you me to take this book back to the library ?
  4. Carl is a computer . Why don't you ask him ?
  5. James is a really musician, but she doesn't practice enough.
  6. Rebecca is really . She always know the right answer.
  7. I wasn't sure about it so I .
  8. Have you ever becoming a teacher ?
  9. After every chemistry lesson we have to write a about what happened.
  10. Being able to use a computer is a very useful .
  11. You can only apply for this job if you have a in web design.
  12. I hope I have my English exam this morning !
  13. Our teacher told us we have all a lot in this school, year.
  14. I have left you a list of on the kitchen table. make sure you follow them.
  15. Meeting the principal of the school was an amazing ,
  16. is something that nobody can take away from you.