GV033 - Travel and Transport

Gap-fill exercise

Match the definitions with the correct words .

  • holiday on a large ship -
  • bus -
  • journey by plane -
  • small document that shows who you are and in which country you live -
  • place where people live, stay or work -
  • decide that something that was planned will not happen -
  • machine with an engine that is used to take people or things from one place to another -
  • the place that someone is going to -
  • place where you get on and off a train -
  • with many people in a place -
  • travelling from one place to another, especially over longer distances -
  • suitcases and bags that you have with you when travelling -
  • area of water near land where ships are safe when they are inside -
  • place where a lot of people go for holidays -