GV055 - Education and Schools

Gap-fill exercise

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Choose the words to complete this email.

Dear Greta !

In your last email you asked me about the education in out country. I'm still because it is here up to the of 15. Most of us go to a kindergarten first, and when we're about five years of age we primary school, where we spend 7 years.

At the moment I am a secondary school, which has about 800 pupils. We have up to 7 every day, and each one is by a different teacher. We have a lot of work to do , including several . If we an important deadline we have to stay after school to finish it. In the first few years we had to a uniform but now I am to wear whatever I want.

At 16 we some exams. After that we can either school or continue for two more years. During the last two years we only have to three subjects. The school offers vocational courses like sports or drama clubs so I can from a wide of activities.

That is what education is like where I live. I hope I have given you on how it works.