GV074 - One missing word

Think of ONE word that fits into each blank!

  1. Let me begin my speech saying that most people want to work.
  2. I'm afraid we can't employ you. We hired a new girl a few weeks .
  3. I turned the offer because it meant I would have to work on Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. They married a few years ago.
  5. Could I some money from you. I'll be sure to give it back next week.
  6. On the one hand I'd like to go to Mexico, but on the hand I don't have the money for that kind of trip.
  7. I am looking to meeting my new boss.
  8. The new invention was named its creator.
  9. In of being a vegetarian she didn't have any problems eating a hamburger.
  10. The match was called because of heavy rain.