GI018 - Gerund or Infinitive

Gap-fill exercise

Gerund or Infinitive (with or without TO) . Fill in the correct form !

  1. When I’m tired I enjoy (WATCH) television.
  2. I don’t regret (SAY) what I did.
  3. I don’t want to risk (MISS) the train because of you.
  4. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind (WAIT).
  5. I hope (FIND) a new job soon.
  6. I can’t remember (LEND) you any money.
  7. She didn’t mention (HAVE) met me the other day.
  8. Why does she keep (ASK) me the same questions?
  9. Can you make that dog stop (BARK)? It drives me mad.
  10. It was a beautiful day, so Mary and I decided (GO) for a walk.


  1. They can’t afford (GO) to a restaurant that often.
  2. Why do you insist on (INVITE) them?
  3. We were so hungry that I suggested (HAVE) dinner early.
  4. They denied (STEAL) the jewels.
  5. I have never dreamed of (WIN) the championship.
  6. I refuse (ANSWER) any more of your ridiculous questions.
  7. My mother threatened (CALL) the police.
  8. I don’t enjoy (DRIVE) as much as I used to.
  9. We were unlucky (LOSE) the game . We deserved (WIN).
  10. Please remember (LOCK) the door when you leave.