GI032 - Gerund and Preposition

Complete the following sentences with a suitable preposition and the gerund of the word in brackets.

  1. My best friend has always kept me a silly mistake. (MAKE)
  2. She accused him all the money in the locker room. (STEAL)
  3. I apologised my homework. (FORGET)
  4. I really like art but I'm far that picture on the wall. (UNDERSTAND)
  5. Dan was so drunk that he was incapable (DRIVE).
  6. All my sisters are fond pizza. (EAT)
  7. Dad wanted to plant the trees in the garden himself but I insisted him. (HELP)
  8. He has always been interested as much as he can about foreign countries. (LEARN)
  9. Look at that mess ! There must be someone responsible the room. (CLEAN)
  10. I'm looking forward you at the open air concert. (SEE)
  11. I'm tired for my exams. I think I'll take a break. (STUDY)
  12. He's not used so much coffee in the morning. (DRINK)