IF002-If Sentences - All types

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets !

  1. I would have read the letter if I (KNOW) it was from you.
  2. If Tony doesn’t help in the garden I (NOT FINISH) my work in  time.
  3. If you (NOT TELL ) me about Maxwell’s birthday I would forget it.
  4. We (CATCH) the train earlier if  Mary had found her purse.
  5. If Susan (LEARN) the poem she would have known the answer.
  6. If it (BE) too hot we  will stop and get a cold drink.
  7. If it (NOT RAIN) today I would stay it home.
  8. If the Professor spoke clearly we (UNDERSTAND) him better.
  9. If you go on talking like that we (THROW) you out.


  1. If Sasha  (GO) home now he would meet his own brother.
  2. If it rained , the streets (BE) wet.
  3. If I (NOT TELL) Jim the address he wouldn’t have found you.
  4. The bird (DIE) if you had caught it.
  5. What (YOU DO) if you won the lottery ?
  6. If the weather (NOT CHANGE) we will reach the top of the mountain.
  7. Dinner (BE) fine if the meat weren’t cold.
  8. I’m sure Benny (COME) if you wait a bit longer.