IF004 - If - Clauses

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the text with correct form of the word in brackets!

  1. The teacher will be angry with you if you you your homework (NOT DO).
  2. If he me what was wrong, I could help him (TELL).
  3. If you hadn't watered the flowers they (DIE).
  4. I if I had time (COME).
  5. He will play tennis if the weather good (BE).
  6. If I I would have come earlier (KNOW).
  7. I wouldn't say it if I you (BE).
  8. If she wears a necklace her dress better (LOOK)
  9. The children can stay up late if they good (BE).
  10. We would die if the plane (CRASH).


  1. Would you give me some money if I you ? (ASK)
  2. If she were my sister I her as much as possible (HELP).
  3. Don't give him anything if he it back to you (NOT GIVE)
  4. If Jake some money, he would not have got himself into such a dilemma. (HAVE)
  5. If I hadn't been busy I to the party (COME)
  6. If you wrote the letters I them (POST)
  7. If you do not leave at once I the police (CALL)
  8. If you her to the dance she would have been very pleased (INVITE)
  9. If the policeman the thief he will arrest him (SEE)
  10. If you came over I you some photos (SHOW)