IF005 - If clauses - Type 1

Gap-fill exercise

1st Conditional - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets

  1. You (HAVE) to work harder if you want to pass the exam.
  2. You will be tired if you (NOT GO) to bed soon.
  3. If he (FIND) a good job he will be able to pay all his bills.
  4. If you sell more than you did last year you (EARN) more money.
  5. If the report is not on my desk by tomorrow you (BE) in big trouble.
  6. If you (NOT DO) anything bad, you won't get into trouble.
  7. If you take my advice you (NOT HAVE) any problems.
  8. I'll call you only if I (THINK) there's a problem.
  9. If the plan (SUCCEED) you will make a big profit.
  10. If I read this manual I (NOT MAKE) any mistakes.
  11. If he comes before ten we (MEET) him at the station.
  12. If you (EAT) an apple every day, you will stay healthy.