IF008 - IF Clauses - Type 2

Gap-fill exercise

2nd Conditional - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets

  1. If the tent were any smaller one of us (HAVE) to sleep outside.
  2. If her hair were black she (LOOK) completely different.
  3. If we (HAVE) enough money we would stay in a hotel.
  4. If my brother (BE) a foot taller he would be a great basketball player.
  5. If I had a good teacher I (BE) good at maths.
  6. If I lived in Canada I (SPEAK) English fluently.
  7. If you (NOT LIVE) so far away I would visit you more often.
  8. If he were asked to drive the car he (NOT REFUSE).
  9. If they locked the door nobody (BREAK) into their house.
  10. If he (NOT WASTE) so much time he would go to the university.
  11. If they (GIVE) everybody a present they would run out of money.
  12. They (CELEBRATE) their honeymoon in Asia if they could afford it.