IF009 - IF Clauses Type 3

Gap-fill exercise

3rd Conditional - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets

  1. I (TELL) you the news if I had seen you sooner.
  2. I would have bought the larger model if I (BE ABLE) to afford it.
  3. I would never have believed it would be possible if I (NOT SEE) it with my own eyes,
  4. If we (HAVE) enough money we would have gone to the concert.
  5. If he (NOT FALL) asleep he would not have crashed his car.
  6. I (PHONE) Sally if I hadn't forgotten her phone number.
  7. If the wind hadn't been so strong the bridge (NOT COLLAPSE).
  8. If you (COME) earlier you would have seen a famous actor.
  9. If my alarm clock had rung I (ARRIVE) on time.
  10. If I had seen Mary I (TELL) her.
  11. If they (NOT PASS) the exam their teacher would have been sad.
  12. If it had rained yesterday , (YOU STAY) at home ?