IF010 - IF Clauses Type 3

Gap-fill exercise

3rd Conditional - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets

  1. If Mary had been free yesterday I (INVITE) her.
  2. If the weather (BE) miserable what would you have done ?
  3. If you hadn't called I (NOT KNOW) about the meeting.
  4. If she had received an invitation she (JOIN) us.
  5. If it (NOT RAIN) yesterday we would have gone on a picnic.
  6. You would have done it if you (TRY).
  7. He (NOT BE) so surprised if he had gone to their last meeting.
  8. If I had bought some fresh food I (NOT HAVE) to eat canned food for breakfast,
  9. The constructors (BUILD) the road if they had had enough tools.
  10. The author would have finished the book he he (NOT FALL) seriously ill.
  11. The car engine (WORK) if the mechanic had done his job properly.
  12. He would have taken the job if he (FIND) the offer acceptable.