IF011 - If Clauses - All types

Gap-fill exercise

IF Clauses - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets

  1. If John does not leave now he (MISS) his train.
  2. She (NOT HELP) me if I was in trouble.
  3. If he (BE) more careful he wouldn't have got caught.
  4. They (MAKE) up a lie if they had thought it would help me.
  5. Your dog would not be so fat if you (NOT FEED) it so often.
  6. If the weather (BE) fine tomorrow we will go to the beach.
  7. She (WORRY) if I told her the truth.
  8. If I (HAVE) to hold a speech I would be pretty nervous.
  9. If the trip hadn't been so expensive I (MAKE) a reservation.
  10. I (INVITE) you to a drink if I pass my English test.
  11. He will be really disappointed if you (NOT TELL) him the truth.
  12. If you had had the money (YOU LEND) it to me ?