IF016 - If Clauses - All Types

Put the verbs in brackets into their correct forms.

  1. If he lived in London, he better English. (SPEAK)
  2. If Ann had known you were in town she you. (CALL)
  3. You may get lung cancer if you on smoking. (KEEP)
  4. If motorcycles not so loud I would buy one. (BE)
  5. We the bus if the weather is bad. (TAKE)
  6. If I had more time I it myself. (DO)
  7. If you my new hairstyle, what can I do about it ? (NOT LIKE)
  8. Manchester would not have lost the match if the goalkeeper better. (PLAY)
  9. We will go swimming if it tomorrow. (NOT RAIN)
  10. If they to post the letter, we might have gotten it in time. (NOT FORGET)
  11. happy if the weather was better? (YOU BE)
  12. If Mary had come we a nice evening together. (SPEND)