IF017 - IF-Clauses Type 3

Type 3 If sentences - Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets !

  1. I'd have told you the news earlier if I (SEE) you.
  2. I (HELP) you if you had told me there was a problem.
  3. I (BUY) a bigger model if I had been able to afford it.
  4. I wouldn't have met Tom if I (STAY) at home.
  5. If he hadn't fallen asleep while driving he (NOT CRASH) his car.
  6. If we (HAVE) enough money we would have gone to the concert.
  7. I wouldn't have lost my job if I (NOT BE) late for work.
  8. If the wind hadn't been so strong the bridge (NOT COLLAPSE)
  9. I (PHONE) Sally if I hadn't forgotten her number.
  10. If you had come earlier, you (SEE) the famous actor.
  11. If my alarm clock (RING) I would have been on time.
  12. If I had seen Mary I (TELL) her.