IF018 - IF-Clauses - Type 2 Sentences

Type 2 IF-Sentences . Fill in the correct verb forms.

  1. I very happy if he got the job. (NOT BE)
  2. If my brother here he would go fishing with me. (BE)
  3. If she had her guitar with her she us one of her favourite songs. (SING)
  4. If I the lottery I would stop working. (WIN)
  5. If we caught the earlier train we there on time. (ARRIVE)
  6. You would get a better job if you from university. (GRADUATE)
  7. If we weren't so hungry we to have some food. (NOT GO)
  8. You more work done if you planned your day better. (GET)
  9. Your English would improve if you more. (READ)
  10. What if you found a purse on the pavement? (YOU DO)
  11. Jonathan more fun if he went to parties more often. (HAVE)
  12. If the rain we could go for a walk. (STOP)