Key Word Transformation - KWT008


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets. Do not change the given word. You must use between TWO and FIVE words for your answer.

  1. There is less meat in our diet than there was a few decades ago. (AS)
    There meat in our diet as there was a few decades ago.
  2. Dad wrote a note so that he wouldn't forget his uncle's birthday. (ORDER)
    Dad wrote a note his uncle's birthday.
  3. My parents won't let me go out on weekends. (ALLOWED).
    I out on weekends.
  4. Janette said to me, "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday." (APOLOGISED).
    Janette my birthday.
  5. Martin asked me, "Have you spoken to him?". (WHETHER)
    Martin asked me to him.
  6. Everyone thinks Liverpool will win the finals. (EXPECTED)
    Liverpool the finals.
  7. Our tour guide didn't stop talking for ten minutes. (BEFORE)
    It was ten minutes talking.
  8. My little sister was so excited she couldn't sit still. (TOO)
    My little sister was still.