KWT011 - Key Word Transformation

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets. Do not change the given word. You must use between TWO and FIVE words for your answer.

  1. I cannot type very well. (AT)
    I am .
  2. She says she may join the debating society. (INTERESTED)
    She says she's the debating society.
  3. I think that I might make mistakes. (AFRAID).
    I mistakes.
  4. He left but he did not say goodbye. (WITHOUT)
    He left goodbye.
  5. My mom doesn't want to work in an office any more. (TIRED)
    My mom in an office.
  6. Switch off the lights, then you can leave. (BEFORE)
    Switch off the lights .
  7. He is one of the people who runs the youth club. (INVOLVED)
    He is the youth club.
  8. She went on her own and did not wait for the others. (INSTEAD)
    She went on her own for the others.
  9. He does not always remember people's names. (BAD)
    He people's names.
  10. You can only improve if you work harder. (BY)
    You can only improve harder.