M015 - Modal Verbs

Choose the correct modal verb for each blank.


  1. It's very warm outside so you put on a coat.
  2. You speak with your mouth full. It's impolite.
  3. She gone to the doctor last week, but she didn't. She's so stubborn.
  4. Tom gave me a letter to post. I forget to post it.
  5. She felt ill and leave early.
  6. You very tired after such a long journey. Have a rest.
  7. Who knows? You win a lot of money in the lottery.
  8. you take care of my mother while I'm away shopping?
  9. You informed me in advance. Now I've come for nothing.
  10. We take the taxi because there is no public transport available at this time of night.
  11. All the doors locked after ten p.m.
  12. It Sue over there . She said she'd be in New York the whole weekend.