M016 - Modal Verbs

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the modal verbs

  1. It difficult to find a place to stay. There are so many hotels in this area.
  2. She gone outside for a moment. She was just here a minute ago.
  3. I go to the hospital. The doctor said the illness is pretty serious.
  4. We brought an umbrella with us. The weather has been so clear all day long.
  5. We've got plenty of time . You hurry.
  6. You've just eaten a whole meal. You hungry already.
  7. You tell anyone our secret. It's very important.
  8. My grandfather speak 4 languages. He was really talented.
  9. Dad come to the office tomorrow. He has other things planned.
  10. My brother has been working in the garden the whole afternoon. He tired.
  11. I understand. You explain it to me again.
  12. Jack a new pair of shoes. He can't wear the old ones anymore.