PA004 - What happened in 1900 ? - Past Passive

Gap-fill exercise

What happened in 1900 ? - Complete the information using the past tense passive of the verb in brackets.

  1. The first escalator at the Paris exhibition (SEE).
  2. Puccini's opera Tosca first (PERFORM)
  3. Paper clips (INVENT)
  4. Coca Cola to Great Britain (INTRODUCE)
  5. The word "brunch" for the first time (HEAR)
  6. Umberto I, the king of Italy and (SHOOT, KILL)
  7. The Book The Wizard of Oz (PUBLISH)
  8. The minimum age of coal miners from 12 to 13 (RAISE)
  9. Hamburgers for the first time (EAT)
  10. The first Davis Cup by the US men's tennis team (WIN)
  11. The Central London Underground Railway by the Price of Wales (OPEN)
  12. The ancient palace of Knosses by Sir Arthur Evans (DISCOVER)
  13. The Kodak Brownie camera on sale in the US (PUT)
  14. The telephone by one in fifty people in the USA (USE)