PA005 - Active to Passive

Gap-fill exercise

Change the sentences from active to passive

  1. Chelsea football team did not beat Tottenham.
    Tottenham by Chelsea football team.
  2. Did they recognise you ?
  3. We deliver newspapers every day.
    Newspapers every day.
  4. Do you use recycled paper for your books ?
    for your books ?
  5. They bring breakfast to your room at this hotel.
    Breakfast to your room at this hotel.
  6. Someone called you today at 3.30.
    today at 3.30.
  7. They don't teach Spanish at my school.
    Spanish at my school.
  8. They perform the play without an interval.
    The play without an interval.


  1. They repeated the programme last night.
    The programme last night.
  2. We buy all our vegetables at the market.
    All our vegetables at the market.
  3. Did you wash the dishes ?
    the dishes ?
  4. We don't grow oranges here.
    Oranges here.
  5. They say that the lake dries up every year.
    The lake every year.
  6. Did the police question him ?
    by the police ?