Phrasal Verbs 1

Gapfill exercise

Put the correct form of the phrasal verb into the blank. Use the words from the box only once When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

fall for - figure out - give in - go along with - look for - pay for - pull through - put on - run into - show up - take off - talk down to

  1. I looked for my keys everywhere but I couldn’t where I put them
  2. I you at the party but I couldn’t see you.
  3. Although he tried to eat less he some weight during the holidays
  4. I Karen and her new boyfriend when I went shopping
  5. Over a hundred people for the news conference
  6. Our plane an hour late because of the fog.
  7. My son drove me crazy about buying a new bike, so finally I .
  8. Erich is very sick at the moment but I am sure he’ll
  9. She shouldn’t him like that. You’re not his boss.
  10. I understand you opinion but I have to Linda on this question.
  11. John told me that he didn’t steal but I didn’t his lies.
  12. Can I the drinks with a credit card?