PV024 - Phrasal Verbs with TAKE

Choose the words from the list

Choose the correct word to make phrasal verbs with "TAKE".

  1. The service man took my phone in order to repair it.
  2. She takes her mother. She even laughs like she does.
  3. She looks very mature so I took her older than she was.
  4. The plane took after a 20-minute delay.
  5. Manchester United will take Liverpool in this week's highlight match.
  6. I'd like to take you to dinner this weekend.
  7. The authorities took my passport so that I couldn't go anywhere.
  8. The dress didn't fit so I took it to the store.
  9. I took her number so that I could call her back.
  10. The police took him for more questioning.
  11. Jack took the company from his dad a few years ago.