PS009 - My poor language

Gap-fill exercise

Add a prefix to the correct form of the word in brackets and use the word in the space provided.

Attempts to communicate in a foreign language can easily go wrong. I'm always (APPOINT) by my attempts to speak Greek on holidays The waiter on Samos (UNDERSTAND) what I wanted and instead of beetroots brought me mushrooms. I (LIKE) mushrooms greatly but when I asked him to (PLACE) them with beetroots he smiled, went into the kitchen and (TURN) with a plateful of aubergines.

He also (TAKE) my friendly attitude towards everyone I meet and when I complained that they had (COOK) the meat, Manuel (that was his name if I am not (TAKE) ) grinned and spun his moustache. To top it all , I (READ) the bill and accused the poor waiter of (CHARGE) me. Everything was my fault. It was my poor Greek again.