PREP020 - Prepositions

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct preposition !

  1. He explained the plan to us detail.
  2. my opinion, the film was excellent .
  3. Call the fire brigade quickly. The house is fire !
  4. Why are you so anxious . There is nothing to worry .
  5. Do you believe monsters ?
  6. Mr Jackson can't speak to you right now. He's the phone.
  7. The post office is closed because all the workers are strike.
  8. I've been touch the manager about the problem.
  9. Marianne congratulated me winning the race.
  10. I'll discuss the matter my lawyer.
  11. She loves the countryside because she was brought up a farm.
  12. She'll never forgive me lying to her.
  13. My parents took me a tour of Italy.
  14. Tom is really fed up his job.
  15. The bank robber was sentenced two years in prison.