PREP039 - Prepositions

Complete the sentences using a preposition from the box.

AT - BY - FOR - IN - OF - ON - TO - WITH

  1. The young man has been addicted drugs for ages.
  2. Ebooks are very much demand at the moment.
  3. It was love first sight.
  4. There isn't any access the village because the road blocks.
  5. I'm afraid I'm not very good animals.
  6. I was shocked Sam's behaviour.
  7. The commander was charge of all the troops in the region.
  8. She knocked over the vase mistake.
  9. She was able to visit him a regular basis.
  10. They worked hard but didn't come up a solution the problem.

  1. He spoke behalf of his colleagues.
  2. We are good terms with our neighbours and I want it to stay like that.
  3. We ran out luck. All of the restaurants were closed.
  4. Don't be angry me. I didn't do anything wrong.
  5. I am absolutely capable preparing my own meal.
  6. She was high spirits because she had done well at the exam.
  7. the time being, we'll have to do without the internet.
  8. You're too early our lesson. why don't you go get some coffee and wait outside.
  9. I am very keen trying to get the right job.
  10. You must pay your tickets advance.