PREP041 - Prepositions : IN, AT and ON

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition : IN, AT or ON

  1. The tragedy happened the summer of 1939.
  2. It's much cooler the evening than it is the afternoon.
  3. I'll see you lunch.
  4. You can't miss it. It's the third house your left.
  5. I'm busy now, but I'll speak to you an hour.
  6. There's someone the door. Could you get it?
  7. He got his bike and rode home.
  8. She got home just time to put the children to bed.
  9. The museum offers tours weekdays.
  10. The story appeared all the major newspapers Monday.
  11. Could you please call later. He's still work.
  12. The Olympics will begin the 27th of February.
  13. She doesn't have a job the moment.
  14. I was born March.
  15. Dad came home late night.
  16. On weekdays I usually get up 7.
  17. He gave me flowers Valentine's Day.
  18. Put the box the corner.
  19. She goes to the gym Wednesdays.
  20. What happens the end of the film ?
  21. The film starts half an hour.
  22. There's a spider the wall.
  23. On Sundays we usually get up lunchtime.