PREP042 - Prepositions IN, ON or AT

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition : IN, AT or ON

  1. I saw an interesting book the top shelf .
  2. Mike and his family always go for walks in the evening.
  3. sunny days we usually go to the beach.
  4. Let's meet the corner of Brook and Benton Street.
  5. There were a lot of people the concert.
  6. Get the bus. It's already moving.
  7. He speaks German very well. He studied Berlin for two years.
  8. I usually listen to jazz because I'm interested American music.
  9. Jack was born December 20, 1959.
  10. midnight the new law will come into effect.
  11. We usually have a great dinner Christmas Day.
  12. There were many people I have never seen the wedding.
  13. Herbert's mother died the age of 92.
  14. His office is the second floor.
  15. The dog is swimming the river.
  16. She told me she would be there noon.
  17. There is a new painting the wall.