Prepositions 6

Choose the correct preposition from the list

  1. Cindy kept information from the police.
  2. My boss told me to keep the good work.
  3. He is sensitive the needs of his daughter
  4. He was sorry the way he behaved at the party.
  5. He warned them to keep the freshly painted benches.
  6. Daren was let by the judge as this was his first offence.
  7. Could you please look this contract. I will have to sign it.
  8. Arnie has a nanny to look his children while he is away.
  9. Look all the unknown words in the dictionary.
  10. Tom was sorry damaging his neighbours fence.


  1. Rod sympathised Della's situation.
  2. This bread tastes garlic.
  3. The professor specializes criminal law.
  4. Lisa was so angry that she threw a cup Mark
  5. Look this magazine and find the problem page,
  6. We are all looking forward Christmas.
  7. We made use Penny's flat and organized a party.
  8. We must look this problem and try to find a solution.
  9. My permit is valid for one more year.
  10. She has warned her son talking to strangers.
  11. The lifeguards saved the children drowning.