Quantifiers - Some, Any, A, An

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the blanks with A, AN, SOME or ANY.

  1. Are there girls in your football team?
  2. Have you got paper clips?
  3. Here, have nuts!
  4. Is there sugar in my coffee?
  5. My brother has got new jeans.
  6. Are there apples on the tree in your garden?
  7. Have we got butter?
  8. They've got baby giraffe in the zoo.
  9. I'm going to the market to buy fruit.
  10. There isn't tea in the pot.


  1. They can have bread and butter if they're hungry.
  2. Are there eggs in the fridge?
  3. There's policeman at the door.
  4. Is there news about the plane crash?
  5. There was accident on the bridge last night.
  6. There are good films on at the moment.
  7. My aunt is living in very nice house outside the city .
  8. I can't brush my teeth because there isn't toothpaste left.
  9. Let me give you advice.
  10. There aren't taxis here. You must walk down the street.
  11. The dog is thirsty . Give him water.
  12. You need paper and pair of scissors.
  13. Have you got antiseptic cream ?
  14. flowers arrived for you this morning.
  15. I'm going to get money from the cash machine.