QN001 - Ask for the underlined words

Gap-fill exercise

Ask for the words in bold print . Complete the sentences !


  1. Ms Kelly has taken a trip to China.
    a trip to China ?
  2. The German tourists are travelling as far as Chicago.
    the German tourists travelling?
  3. She cried because Paul cannot come to the party.
  4. We work out four times a week .
    we work out ?
  5. He found twenty gold coins in an old cupboard.
    in an old cupboard?
  6. Robert's wife is a Hollywood actress.
    wife is a Hollywood actress.
  7. You can bring those boxes to me today.
    those boxes to me?
  8. His appartment is in London .
    is his appartment ?
  9. The girls were playing soccer .
    playing soccer?
  10. Mary finally met Susan .
    Mary finally meet ?