RS010 - Reporting Verbs

Choose the words from the list

Choose the correct reporting verb.

  1. The bank officials to lend him the money.
  2. The burglar to kill me if I screamed.
  3. The couple doing anything that was illegal.
  4. The politician that he had had an affair with another woman.
  5. My sister that she always had too much work to do.
  6. The guide us not to drink the water there because it wasn't safe.
  7. The teacher me of cheating.
  8. I my son that I would attend his concert.
  9. My dad me to take the job because the pay was good.
  10. We him to keep on practicing .
  11. The criminal to answer any questions without a lawyer present.
  12. I her to forgive me and told her I was so sorry.