RS011 - Reported Speech

Complete the sentences and change to reported speech.

  1. The hotel guest said, "I don't like coffee".
    The hotel guest said that he/she coffee .
  2. The commander ordered , "Run faster" !
    The commander ordered the soldiers .
  3. Dad wanted to know , "When is the next bus going to arrive".
    Dad wanted to know .
  4. The female tourist asked us, "Can you tell me the way ?"
    The female tourist asked us .
  5. The newspaper reported, "There will be a change in government next week."
    The newspaper reported that a change in government .
  6. Linda told us, "I have been working here for the past three years.
    Linda told us that for the past three years.
  7. The boy said, "I'll be back by 11."
    The boy said that by 11.
  8. The teacher told Mrs Smith, "Your son is improving".
    The teacher told Mrs Smith that .
  9. Susan asked me , " Did you take my pen?"
    Susan wanted to know her pen .
  10. The coach said, " If it rains tomorrow the game will be called off".
    The coach said that the next day, the game off .