RS012 - Reported Speech

Complete the sentences and change to reported speech.

  1. I explained, "The game won't be so easy".
    I explained that the game so easy.
  2. She said, "I can see the Eiffel Tower from here":
    She said that the Eiffel Tower from .
  3. He asked me, "Did you see John yesterday?"
    He asked me John the day before.
  4. Dad said, "Don't drive so fast !"
    Dad advised me so fast.
  5. My friend said, "I will have to go to London next week."
    My friend said that he/she to London .
  6. The doctor warned her, "Don't smoke any more cigarettes!"
    The doctor warned her any more cigarettes.
  7. The boy asked, "Can we go out if the rain stops?"
    The boy wanted to know out if the rain .
  8. I said, "The film will be very interesting."
    I said that the film very interesting.
  9. She asked us, "Who do you normally visit on Sundays?"
    She wanted to know on Sundays.
  10. The instructor explained to us , "Tennis is not an easy game to play.
    The instructor explained that tennis an easy game to play.
  11. Ann asked Jim, "Please close the door."
    Ann asked Jim the door.
  12. Jack told us, "I have been enjoying my new job ".
    Jack told us that he new job.