T024-All Tenses

Fill in the correct forms of the verb. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.

  1. Water at 0° C (freeze).
  2. She for England in a week (leave).
  3. Thousands of people the show when suddenly the plane (enjoy, crash)
  4. She in southern France a few weeks ago. (golf)
  5. They in the garden since dinner time (play)
  6. I well lately (not feel)
  7. She told us that she such a great film before ( not see)
  8. I here any more when John arrives(not be).
  9. They tennis all afternoon yesterday (play)
  10. to Venice? It's a great city (You, ever be)


  1. Why the phone last night (you, not answer)
  2. We usually fish on Friday, but today we chicken. (eat)
  3. He realized that he his keys (lose)
  4. Right now we French (learn).
  5. Unless the weather gets better we to go fishing tomorrow (not be able)
  6. anything like that before (You, ever paint) ?
  7. After he his homework, he went to play with his friends (do).
  8. your work yet? Yes, I it all yesterday. (do)
  9. We around the table when the lights out (sit, go)
  10. Last weekend the whole family up to the mountains (drive).