T036-All Tenses 13- Fill in the correct form

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Write the correct verb form, active or passive, using the verb given !

  1. How did you get there? – We . It didn’t take long ( walk)
  2. Our baby Mona now. – She’s a year old ( walk)
  3. We have to rest. We for over four hours ( walk)
  4. It was a tough match. At half time three footballers to the hospital ( take)
  5. My dog looked guilty. He some food from the kitchen table. ( take)
  6. We need a new car. We this one for ages. ( have)
  7. We a lovely picnic until my wife was stung by a bee. ( have)
  8. Don’t call at eight. We dinner then ( have)
  9. Our sandwiches freshly every day ( make)
  10. By the time I’m forty I enough money to retire ( make).
  11. Where are my jeans? – They at the moment ( wash)
  12. Simon was all wet because he the car. ( wash)
  13. My sister earns a good salary. She computer software. ( sell)
  14. Nobody wants to buy the house. It in an auction next month. ( sell)
  15. At the end of this term I for six years. ( teach)
  16. The children how to make cake when a boy dropped the bowl on his foot. ( teach)