T025-All Tenses

Fill in the correct forms of the verb. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.

  1. Next week we into our new house. (move)
  2. He was sure that he that man before. (see)
  3. What for breakfast? (you, have)
  4. She a bath when the telephone (have, ring).
  5. She the piano for eight years. (play)
  6. He never on time. (be)
  7. You look terrible. ( you, drink) ?
  8. He realized that he his keys. (lose)
  9. I very angry with you if you do not stop smoking. (be)
  10. They for her for some time when she finally (wait, arrive).
  11. I all the postcards now. (write)
  12. Where is John? He out. (just, go)