T026-Back from the holidays - All Tenses

Fill in the correct forms of the verb. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.


George and Joan ( live) in a small house in London. Right now they ( stand) in the sitting room of their house. They ( just come) back from a holiday in the country . They ( arrive) at the house five minutes ago.

"What ( happen) ?" said Joan, as she ( look) round at the untidy room. "Someone ( be) in the house. They ( take) everything out of the cupboards and ( throw) it on the floor.  Look, George, they ( break) all those glasses and ( pour) wine on the carpet. I think  I´m going to cry."

George was very angry. He ( pick) up the telephone. "I ( want) the police", he said. "Someone ( break) into our house while we ( be) away. I don´t know what they ( take). The place is very untidy."

" Look!" said Joan "They ( leave) their gloves."

" ( not pick) them up, "said George. " ( Leave) everything for the police. When the police are gone you can tidy up."