T028-All Tenses

Fill in the missing form of the verb . When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.

  1. “What between 9 and 12 yesterday morning”, the detective said. ( you do)
  2. He kept looking at her, wondering where he her before. ( see)
  3. The doctor’s waiting room was full of people. Some a magazine, a woman and a child with a doll. Suddenly the door and a nurse out. ( read, knit, play, open, come)
  4. Travelling much easier and more comfortable in the past hundred years. ( become)
  5. I cake. That’s why my hands are full of flour. ( bake)
  6. When I first came to this house it quite a noisy area. ( be)
  7. He twisted his ankle while he . ( ski)
  8. the doors before you leave the house? ( you ever lock)
  9. My best friend and I each other for 15 years. ( know)
  10. Jack usually but he when his father comes. ( smoke, not smoke)
  11. breakfast yet? – Yes I had it together with Sue at 7. ( you have)
  12. I this kind of work when I was a small boy. ( do)
  13. He the paper when his wife came home. ( read)
  14. He for an hour now. I’ll be finished soon. ( speak)