T048-Irregular Verbs - All Tenses

Fill in the missing form of the irregular verb . When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.


  1. What of your new boyfriend (you, think).
  2. She anything about his past yet ( never hear)
  3. We them at a restaurant last week ( meet).
  4. I the contents of the contract tomorrow ( read).
  5. Where your last holidays? ( you spend)
  6. He a glass on the floor ( just throw)
  7. In the past two years she a very nice person ( become)
  8. The exercise book 17 € ( cost)
  9. The used to with furniture but now she with cars ( deal, deal)
  10. He his homework. He can go out now. ( just do)
  11. Our cows more mild recently ( give)
  12. It was hot yesterday. The children swimming. ( go)
  13. Since his departure to France I any news from him ( not hear).
  14. The ball me on the head and I went to the ground ( hit)
  15. Please on the shirt! I don’t like it ( keep)