T049-Irregular Verbs - All tenses

Fill in the missing form of the irregular verb . When you have entered all the answers, click on the "CHECK" button.

  1. She was lying in her bed when the phone ( ring).
  2. During the war they many people. ( shoot)
  3. I you my new house some time next week ( show).
  4. Last night I in my bed for the first time ( sleep)
  5. My friend me for many years when I him last week ( not see, meet)
  6. The sun before I to bed ( set, go)
  7. As soon as he had done his homework he out to play. ( run)
  8. anyone? ( your dog, ever, bite)
  9. Shakespeare a lot of plays and poems ( write)
  10. Denise your uncle last Friday ( meet).


  1. Joan four windows since she was born ( break)
  2. The sun the whole day yesterday ( shine)
  3. She her keys. She has been looking for them since Monday but she them yet. ( lose, find)
  4. How often the grass this summer ( you, cut)
  5. Frank the whole pizza before we arrived ( eat).
  6. Mrs. Johnson a deep breath and then opened the door ( take)
  7. The girl her mother to New York the day before yesterday ( drive)
  8. I think my nephew six centimeters since last summer ( grow)
  9. The Titanic in less than six hours ( sink)
  10. Hurry up! The symphony ( already,begin)