T019-The Cold English Sea

Fill in the correct form of the verb !

Peter a good time yesterday? (YOU HAVE)
John Yes. I up at about 7 and to the beach for a swim. then I breakfast in a cafe. (GET, GO, HAVE)
Peter The small one near the harbour?
John No, the big one near the car park. it yesterday? (YOU SEE)
Peter No I didn't. I too tired to notice anything. (BE)
John I some biscuits while I was there. Would you like one ? (BUY)
Peter No thanks. I a big lunch at one. Was the sea cold? (HAVE)
John Yes, I it to be so cold in July. (NOT EXPECT)
Peter Didn't you know that the sea here is never very warm?
John Well, I an Englishman at Dover, when I first , who told me that the English never swimming in July and August because the sea is too hot for them. He said he a woman whose legs were badly burned from swimming in the sea in August. (MEET, ARRIVE, GO, KNOW)
Peter He your leg. (PULL)
John I him, of course, but I pretended to. (NOT BELIEVE)