T005-Present Tense - Simple or Progressive

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in the correct form of the PRESENT TENSE (Simple or Progressive)

  1. It is said that computers life easier. (MAKE)
  2. I'm afraid I can't meet you at six. I my little niece tonight. (MEET)
  3. I don't know if we can afford this holiday. It all on the price (DEPEND)
  4. John, you can't leave Paola now. She on you (DEPEND)
  5. Josephine city life, but I more comfortable in the countryside (LOVE, BE)
  6. I often to work when the weather is fine (WALK)
  7. Excuse me, what time the train to Manchester ? (LEAVE)
  8. This is only a temporary job. I at the restaurant until they find someone . (HELP)
  9. This is a historic moment. The President's car in front of the palace (JUST ARRIVE)
  10. I am not a religious person and I in life after death (NOT BELIEVE)
  11. Brenda is away this week. She a nursing course in the country (DO).
  12. The light form the sun about eight minutes to get to earth (TAKE)
  13. What now? - I think she at the moment (YOUR MOTHER, DO , IRON)
  14. My watch normally never (STOP).