T006-Present Tense - Simple or Progressive

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in the correct verb form : PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT PROGRESSIVE .

  1. I'm in Paris because I French at a language school (STUDY).
  2. At the moment Cynthia on the floor with her doll (LIE)
  3. I usually as a secretary (WORK)
  4. I hate living in Seattle because it always there (RAIN).
  5. I am sorry I can't hear what you because everyone so loudly (SAY, TALK)
  6. Jack about his adventures in Tibet (CURRENTLY WRITE)
  7. to come over for dinner tonight ? (YOU WANT)
  8. The delicious chocolate is by a firm in Switzerland (MAKE)
  9. Look, I two tickets for the circus (HAVE)
  10. Look, I two tickets for the circus (HOLD)


  1. Compaq computers but it cars (MAKE, NOT MAKE)
  2. At the moment , the yen against the dollar (FALL)
  3. Computers more an more popular these days (BECOME)
  4. Everybody money. It is very important (NEED)
  5. This milk fresh (NOT TASTE)
  6. This afternoon I my doctor about my skin problem (SEE)
  7. How is your cold today. It a lot better than yesterday (SOUND)
  8. She normally all the Harry Potter books, but right now I she something else (READ, THINK, READ)
  9. It is strange that people some movies so seriously (TAKE)
  10. What for a living . - Well he is a market consultant (YOUR DAD, DO)