T051-LET, MAKE or HAVE - Fill in the correct form

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct word

  1. Our father doesn’t us watch TV.
  2. “I will you run” the angry coach shouted.
  3. Lucy asked” Do your parents you go to the disco?”
  4. Sad movies sometimes me cry.
  5. Dr Smith his nurse take the patient’s temperature.
  6. John his bike repaired by some of his friends.
  7. Robbers usually you give all the money to them.
  8. Our father will   us clean up our room today.
  9. People will help you if you them.
  10. I will my watch repaired by the jeweler.


  1. Mr Levine his secretary call the minister and confirm the meeting.
  2. I the mechanics check the brakes of the car yesterday.
  3. Sam really wanted a dog but his parents wouldn’t him have a pet.
  4. Diane thinks watching TV is a waste of time so she won’t her children watch TV.
  5. I the car washed yesterday, but it’s dirty again.
  6. Mum didn't me go out because she said it was too dangerous.
  7. I'll the room repainted as soon as I get back from China.
  8. The teacher us write to the headmaster to apologize for what we had done.