T060 - Wind farms

Gap-fill exercise

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Choose the correct future form.

If the British government gets its way, the fuel of the future the air that we breathe. The government electricity from wind to help meet its targets for renewable energy. With the approval of the government, private firms offshore wind farms in the southeast of England. One of these, the London Array Wind Farm, the largest in the world when it is completed. The two biggest wind farms of the country will produce enough electricity to power a million homes.

London Array have not yet announced when they construction of the wind farm. However, they expect that they it by the end of the decade.  The smaller wind farm in Thanet electricity to about 240,000 homes within the next four years.

However, the farms are controversial. Developers to build a third farm in the Lake District but the government rejected their plans because they about the effect of the farm on the countryside and on tourism.

Environmentalists say we to do much more than build wind farms in future. Otherwise, climate change a devastating effect on the environment.